Vivid IQ premium Ultra Edition June Flash Sale

Vivid IQ premium console with high and medium frequency phased array probes and low frequency matrix phased array probe for only £49,995+vat.  Looking for different probes? Let us know and we can adapt the offer. 





This exciting offer to get the latest Vivid IQ premium console at the price of the standard console is time limited and only available until the 30th June 2022.  

The Vivid IQ premium Ultra Edition features a new improved user interface that can be better customised to you needs and a multitouch track pad for gesture control giving improved work flow.  

With high quality imaging in all applications and a wide range of probes available the Vivid IQ is not just for cardiology and makes a truly outstanding abdominal or shared service system.  

The matrix low frequency phased array probe gives a step up in image quality for both doppler and B mode imaging over the already exceptional non matrix version taking you to the cutting edge of cardiology. 

Have any questions? Contact our Vivid IQ application specialist Pete: 

Mobile: 07801 341027 




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