Resilience in the face of change...How IMV imaging adapted to Covid19

Over our last few #ComingOutOfCovid blog articles, our clinical Manager Ben has discussed the impact Covid19 had on veterinary practice and diagnostic imaging within those practices. In this article, we want to discuss how we as a business adapted to the pandemic – to protect ourselves and our staff whilst remaining true to our values of Innovation, Learning and Partnership to provide continued support to our customers worldwide.


Covid19 was challenging for many businesses, but those who have survived and even thrived are those that acted swiftly and adjusted to the change. We believe we are one of those companies, and can’t credit our staff enough for their remarkable resilience and strength. Our customers remained our focus during the pandemic and the changes made to our ways of working throughout the last year focused on being there for you, our customers and continuing to support you in the provision of the best animal care.


Educating with IMV imaging academy’s Summer School

Confucius once said that  "he who would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools” and for veterinarians one of your most valuable tools is your clinical knowledge and abilities, that pandemic or not, need to be continuously developed. With the world in lock down and any and all practical CPD training courses on hold, our Clinical Team adapted their approach and found different ways to deliver clinical education and thus continue to provide you with world class veterinary CPD.

And so, the IMV imaging summer school was born.

Over the course of 6 weeks, our clinical team hosted a series of FREE CPD certified webinars, focusing on different topics within diagnostic imaging. This allowed us to continue to create confidence in veterinary imaging, even during the most uncertain times.Introducing IMV imaging Summer School – a summer of FREE webinars

We are still running regular monthly webinars, focusing on different areas of diagnostic imaging and featuring world-renowned speakers as well as our own in-house diagnostic imaging equipment experts.

You can find some of our previous webinars on our website here and to find out about upcoming webinars sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media!


Continuing to find new ways to communicate

As an innovative and forward thinking company, we are always looking at ways to improve the solutions we offer to our customers and that includes our Clinical Support.

With congresses ,practical training courses and events cancelled worldwide, we began to think about ways in which we could continue to support our customers in gaining valuable CPD as well as gain insight into interesting topics around diagnostic imaging. We know that our customers live busy lives, so decided to try something new , that would allow us to reach you with our clinical expertise and keep in touch whilst letting you get on with your day. Which is why we introduced Focal Point: The IMV imaging podcast!


Our wonderful podcast launched in February and has already had X amount of listens, with vets tuning in monthly to learn about the latest trends in diagnostic imaging from our clinical team and a range of amazing guests.

You can check out our podcast on Spotify, Apple Music and all other major platforms. 


Innovating with remote demonstrations and support

Purchasing new imaging equipment is an important decision for any veterinary practice and our personal, friendly and tailored approach to working with our customers helps our customers to find the right equipment for their needs. Covid19 stopped our Account Managers from being able to do what they love - physically visiting veterinary practices to demo our range of systems or provide training to our customers.

Thankfully our Account Managers rose to the challenge and quickly adapted to offer remote demonstrations, install training and product support to our current and potential customers. 


This allowed us to continue to add amazing new products to our ultrasound and X-ray portfolios as well as enabling us to provide you, our customers, with the knowledge and information to help you purchase the right equipment for your practice and help you get the most from that equipment.

Our Account Management team are delighted to have been able to visit some practices in recent weeks and we are now in a position to offer face-to-face or virtual product demonstrations and training to meet the needs of our customers.


Partnering with social platforms to building online communities

There’s no question that we live in a digital world. But the pandemic caused us to rely on digital communication more than ever before.

As lockdowns continued throughout the UK and Ireland , reports focused on how many people may be struggling with feeling of isolation and being alone, something which could have a particular impact on employees on furlough, working from home or working alone due to social distancing requirements.Picture1

We wanted to support our customers and ensure that even if they were working alone or on furlough , that they certainly didn’t feel alone. Our IMV imaging Facebook Groups have been a way for and wanted to help vets to connect with one another for a few years now and we have found them to be even more useful during the last year in bringing together like minded individuals to chat, ask advice and help each other with tricky imaging cases in practice. Across our species specific Facebook groups we now have a collective community of more than 12 thousand vets and livestock scanners.


Why not join our Facebook Groups Now: Small Animal, Bovine, Equine, Swine, Livestock Scanners. 


Supporting our customers through difficult times: Flexible Finance Options

As practices begin to open up and the world slowly returns to normal, practices may find themselves extremely busy once again, as routine procedures return and appointments start to increase.

We understand that after such an unexpected year with unexpected consequences, some practices who may have been considering new equipment prior to all of this may now be wary or worried about spending money. However, last summer we launched a solution that allows veterinary practices so still get new imaging equipment and thus improve efficiencies in practice and their offering to their clients but without the need for an immediate large impact on practice finances.

Through our partnership with Braemar Finance, we can offer flexible finance options which means practices can get new equipment they need. These range from low start hire purchase options, enabling you to match your repayments to expected income levels, through to leasing schemes taking away the headache and worry from equipment ownership and removing the risk of unexpected repair costs**. (** excluding misuse/accidental damage.)

Find out more here: < Supporting our customers: Flexible Finance Options (>

And of course for customers who aren’t in a position to buy new equipment, our Service and Maintenance agreements are still an option for customers who are looking to extend the life of their current imaging equipment.


As things start to look up and veterinary practices and the world alike begin to slowly return to normality, we will continue to be here for our customers. We continue to look at different ways to innovate our offering and provide a better service for our customers in this ‘new normal’ environment. If you have any ideas for us on how we can come out of Covid stronger than ever, or how we can improve our products and services, let us know in the comments below.


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