Go team! IMV imaging supporting the local girls football team

One pillar of our commitment to CSR is focused on local community. Read below to find out more.


Bellshill Academy is a local high school which run a comprehensive extra-curricular programme with a range of activities including dance, netball, football, badminton and basketball to name a few, and which enjoys a multi award winning leadership academy for sport.

Bellshill A Girls Football Team 001 (002)


The school has been a key player in the local community for a number of years and has a strong ethos on ‘giving back’. Pre-Covid the school would delight the local care home with their annual Christmas Carols, raise funds and donations for food banks and organise coaching and activities for primary kids. They have recently been trying to boost participation within sport and have had varying success with the boys’ teams. This year the school found it had 11 girls within S1-S3 who wish to now get involved. However the school is currently very low on funds and recently the team have had to borrow kit from a boys’ team one of their teachers knew a parent of.


Being part of a club allows the school’s young people to develop various transferable skills which not only support their education but also help set them up for working and future life. Also, with the ongoing pandemic, the need to boost mental health, get out in the fresh air and quite simply have some fun, has never been more important for today’s youngsters.


This is where IMV imaging come in 😊 The school were seeking a donation/sponsorship for the girls’ team to help set them up with kit and get the team up and running properly, and we were only too happy to help.


Some members of our CSR team went down to the school this week to deliver the new kits. We hope these new kits bring the team some good luck in their upcoming games! Go Team!

Bellshill A Girls Football Team 005   Bellshill A Girls Football Team 006

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