Corporate Social Responsibility in 2021

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Our recent blog series focused on the impact that Covid-19 has had on veterinary practice, diagnostic imaging in veterinary practice and on our own organisation. We understand the difficulties faced by many of our customers, our own organisation and of course our colleagues and their families and friends.


Covid-19 has had many negative implications. However, I’m sure we can all agree that a positive outcome of this situation is the increased focus on coming together as a community (albeit not physically) and seeing how people around the world have gone above and beyond to support the most vulnerable people in their communities. At IMV imaging it has allowed us to refocus on the impact that not only we as a business can make, but also the impact of each individual within our organisation.

Our company was established with a commitment to helping our customers improve animal care through the invention, development and provision of diagnostic imaging equipment for veterinary and livestock use. We are committed to delivering our products and services to our customers through ethical working practices and with consideration to and reduction of our impact on the environment. Our people are the key to making this happen, and as such we continually look at ways to improve their quality of life, supporting them in personal development and enabling them to engage with volunteering and charitable opportunities.

In addition to these commitments, we have always been passionate about giving back to the veterinary community and the local communities in which we work.

The BCF Foundation (Registered Charity SC041619) was created in 2010 followed by the annual Vet Charity Challenge event (registered Charity SCO42820) which was founded in 2012. Both of these initiatives aimed to give back to our industry and local communities, and to encourage our teams as well as others from the veterinary world to get involved with charitable events and fundraising activities.

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Over the past year, we have sadly been unable to engage in charitable events and fundraising opportunities as much as we would have liked too, but our desire and commitment to continue our charitable efforts remains strong. In 2021 we are focused on re-engaging our employees and organisation with giving back to local communities and society as a whole. Since the start of the year, we have explored new ways in which we can give back on an organisational level, as well as ways in which we can provide opportunities for our employees to get involved in volunteering and fundraising activities.

We have some exciting stories to share with you about the partnerships we have formed, the plans we have for volunteering and fundraising in 2021, as well as some initiatives we have been involved in over the last few months.

Exciting things are coming very soon! Check out our brand new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Hub, where we will be posting all of our regular updates and plans for the year ahead 👇

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