BCF release updated canine positioning guides

We are pleased to announce that we have now released our updated range of free canine x-ray positional guides. 

The easy to follow guides aim to help practices by providing a quick, easy-to-use reference guide to getting the best radiographic views possible every time. Just click below to download your copy of the guides:

BCF Guide for hips and elbow radiographs

BCF Guide for abdominal and thoracic radiographs

canine radiographs

BCF in-house Radiographer Kat Evans commented, ”At BCF, we understand that capturing a great X-ray isn’t just about having the best equipment; good positioning is crucial, these easy to use guides will help vets and vet nurses to create the very best radiograph.”

BCF in-house vet Ben Sullivan added, ” At BCF we are committed to improving the standards of Radiography in the veterinary profession. We aim to help our customers make the very most of their equipment. This is why we are committed to supporting ongoing education and training. You will find a huge range of learning materials on our website aimed at helping you to develop further your veterinary ultrasonography and radiography abilities."

Full small animal and equine positional guides are in-built into the software of all CR X-ray systems available from BCF.

Visit our small animal learning section for even more resources.

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