No monkeying around: BCF continue to support research in Africa

Throughout 2017 we at BCF Technology have been supporting key research projects around the world with the aim of improving animal care.

chimpanzee examination

Earlier this year we provided Dr Kerri-Lee Shannon Dobbie, of the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, with an ultrasound scanner to support a project involving white rhino.
Recently, we caught up with Dr Dobbie and were delighted to hear that our system had also been used to support another research project focusing on chimpanzee ophthalmology.

The study took place in November at the Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden in Nelspruit. Dr Dobbie performed clinical ophthalmological examinations (including ocular ultrasonography) on chimps who were undergoing anaesthesia for routine annual health checks.
Interestingly, whilst there Dr Dobbie was presented with three clinical cases to assess, where the keepers and guides had noticed an issue with the eyes of the three individual chimps.


chimp ultrasound

The results indicated that two of the chimps had unilateral complete cataracts. Dr Dobbie mentioned that having the ultrasound machine allowed her:  “to image the posterior segment of the eye to determine if the retina and vitreous were normal or not, thus indicating whether or not these chimps would be candidates for cataract surgery.”

Through the use of ultrasound Dr Dobbie was able to diagnose retinal detachment in one of the chimps, identifying him as unsuitable for surgery, as well as being able to confirm that the other chimp had no posterior segment pathology and thus was suitable for the surgery. The surgery is due to take place in 2018.

Tim Perks of BCF commented:
“BCF is delighted to be involved once again in supporting methods of collecting valuable information which help to improve animal care. We want to support vets in our community for the care of all animals, and it is great that this machine has now been used to help two different species so far. BCF have equipment to provide the best diagnostic imaging solution possible and we are here to provide the right solution for all of our customers.”

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