Vets with Horsepower

Vets with Horsepower

At IMV imaging we have made it our mission to improve animal welfare. We achieve this through not only manufacturing and distributing innovative high quality ultrasound, X-ray and CT/MRI products, but also by placing the well-being of our employees and our customers, the welfare of farm and pet animals, the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of the environment at the heart of our values. To support our ‘animal first’ approach we are also proud to be involved with a number of charities who live by the same values and principles as us.

Vets with Horsepower is one example of the many charities making a major difference to the lives of animals and humans and which we are proud to have supported for many years now. The charity was set up over 10 years ago based on the simple idea of gathering up some equine vets, who also ride motorcycles, to ride to all the UK vet schools to give CPD talks and raise money for overseas equine charities. Their first ‘ride’ was in 2010 where the team set off from Liverpool and rode 1500 miles in one week, visiting all the vet schools. In 2011 the tour expanded into Ireland. Since then the vets have gone from strength to strength and are now supporting a number of projects abroad. In 2018 the tour navigated their way through Germany, and then on to Sweden and Norway whilst in 2019 they embarked on their Iberia tour covering the breadth of Spain and Portugal.

On 14 March 2019, Tropical Cyclone Idai made landfall as a Category Four cyclone in Mozambique, with strong winds (180 – 220 km per hour) and heavy rain (more than 200 mm in 24 hours). An estimated 3,000 km2 of land was reportedly affected by flooding, with over 715,000 hectares of crop fields under water, dispersing over two million animals. More than two thirds of the existing livestock population was reported missing. Animals were found to have been swept up to 40km from their original farms. Sadly many lives (animals and human) were lost as they fatigued and drowned in the water (1).


Recently we learned that Vets with Horsepower’s donation to a project in Mozambique not only helped the animals in Mozambique who were so critically affected by the cyclone disaster, but it also helped to prepare the next generation of vets for treating animals in the future. With projects for 2020 including the Gambia Horse & Donkey trust and Saving the Survivors to name just a few, we are delighted that their work is making such a tangible difference to local communities and are proud to continue to be a supporter in the years to come.

To learn more about Vets with Horsepower and their fascinating projects visit their website >>

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  1. Worldwide Veterinary Service and Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (2020), Mozambique Mobile Vet Clinic, Report: January 2020

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