Useful veterinary resources during uncertain times

The veterinary industry has been widely impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, the lives of veterinary professionals, both personally and professionally, have had to evolve to accommodate government guidelines and restrictions. We understand that you all may have questions, both imaging and non-imaging related and thus we have pulled together a list of useful resources that aim to help support you during these difficult times, both in terms of your professional life and personal health and wellbeing.

(*please note this list is not exhaustive and we will endeavour to continue to update this where possible)


Support for Veterinary Professionals

look after you

General Information/ Updates

In these uncertain circumstances, it is important that you keep up to date with the most recent, relevant information that impacts you, your practice, your staff and the animals in your care. We have listed below some key information sources to help you understand the ongoing updates from the government and governing bodies/associations but most importantly how these updates affect the veterinary profession:


Veterinary Bodies/Associations/Government Guidelines

RCVS COVID-19 Info/Advice:

RCVS FAQS on PPE in Veterinary Practice:

BVA COVID-19 Info/ Advice:


BVA COVID-19 Advice for Farm Vets:

Veterinary Council Ireland:



Veterinary Associations and Professional Organisations:


CPD Resources

We have a vast amount of free CPD available on our own website through our own IMV imaging Academy for a wide range of species and clinical applications:

We understand that not all of your CPD requirements will be in diagnostic imaging and have therefore created a list of other useful sources for CPD in different areas of expertise:


BEVA Podcast:

EVJ Podcast:

Boehringer Academy:

CEVA Cardiac Academy:

Dechra Academy:

ELearning Vet:

Idexx Learning Centre:

MSD Hub:

RVC Equine Limb: Anatomy and Imaging:

RVC Podcasts:

Vets Stay Go Diversify:

SPVS Podcasts:

TED Talks: Barbara Natterson- Horowitz: What veterinarians know that physicians don’t

VDS Webinars:

The Webinar Vet:



Business Support

For many practice owners, the current situation could present business challenges and the need to reassess and make changes for the future. We have provided some links below, that may provide some support to those who need support with their businesses:


  1. For lots of practical advice and resources to help you through COVID-19 take a look at SPVS website:
  2. To support you through these unprecedented times SPVS and VMG in partnership with Keystone and VetPodCasts are providing free Podcasts - sharing experiences and providing the latest information and advice:





HM Treasury:


Money Saving Expert:




Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of veterinary professionals is one of the most important areas requiring support in these uncertain times. We have posted some links below that are useful resources to support veterinary professionals with both their physical and mental health:

Mental health




Physical health


Government Guidelines:



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