Blog series: Farr & Pursey discuss... (part 3)

Enabling veterinary practices to access high quality imaging equipment

Farr & Pursey recently purchased the ExaPad mini ultrasound scanner from IMV imaging for their studwork.

It was important to the vets at Farr & Pursey that they have good diagnostic imaging equipment for carrying out this work and they came to IMV imaging to help. As the vets were looking for a machine that not only provides high quality diagnostic images but that is also lightweight and portable, the ExaPad mini was the ideal solution. 

The ExaPad mini impressed with its long battery life, it’s robust and rugged design and it’s portability. Another distinguishable feature was the voice control which provides control over the scanner without the need to always have a hand available to operate it.

The intuitive software means that the vets at Farr & Pursey were able to start up the scanner and easily navigate the menu and controls to start scanning and the length of the probe cable is something that they find really helpful as it allows the vets more flexibility when scanning.

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