Blog series: Farr & Pursey discuss... (part 2)

Portable imaging system is 'money well spent'

Farr & Pursey Equine Veterinary Services were one of the first IMV imaging customers in the UK  to purchase the new Cuattro Slate Hub system.

As a completely ambulatory practice the team at Farr & Pursey were looking for a portable imaging system that would allow them to take high quality diagnostic images both in the stable and in the field.

As an all-in-one X-ray and ultrasound machine, the new Cuattro Slate Hub caught the attention of vets as a solution that would allow them to gain high quality X-rays and ultrasound images quickly and efficiently. The enhanced quality of the X-rays made it easier to make diagnostic decisions straight away to then treat patients quicker.

The addition of the ultrasound probe to the X-ray system added another level as it allows the vet to switch between X-ray and ultrasound with one touch of the HD screen, producing initial diagnostic images in the field with no lag. With no wires connecting the probe to the Hub, the worry of probe cables being stood on is eliminated providing extra reassurance to equine vets dealing with unpredictable horses.

Technology advancements, including the Cuattro Slate Hub means Farr & Pursey don’t need to refer cases to equine hospitals but can take diagnostic images in the field themselves to then make a clinical decision.

Ricky finishes by saying “We have gained clients as a result of having this type of equipment, so I see it as money well spent.”

Watch the second video in the series below ...

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