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Launched at the start of 2019, IMV imaging’s Enable option is a new leasing option which the company are now offering to the veterinary market to help them gain access to high quality imaging equipment without upfront costs being required.

Farr & Pursey Equine Veterinary Service were one of the first practices in the UK to take advantage of the new Enable option to get the new Cuattro Slate Hub, Logiq R7 and ExaPad.

Enable, Farr & Pursey

Farr and Pursey Equine Veterinary Services are an independent equine practice based in Hertfordshire who set up about 5 years ago. The aim of setting up the practice was to be able to drive progress within the equine industry and offer the best in clinical practice to their equine clients.

In order to do this the team wanted to have high quality diagnostic imaging equipment that would allow them to keep ahead of the curve. The key considerations when investing in equipment focused around looking for a convenient solution that was cost effective and that would allow them to offer a good case of clinical care for their patients.

The practice took advantage of the previous “BCF” leasing option which was instrumental to them setting up the practice. This enabled them to have high quality X-ray and ultrasound imaging equipment with the full support of the company and its team to help them understand how to use the equipment but also the finance options available.

Farr & Pursey chose IMV imaging (then BCF) out of all of the suppliers that they contacted as they appreciated the open, honest and collaborative partnership that IMV imaging offer.

After using their initial systems for a few years, Farr & Pursey saw their business grow and were looking to upgrade the systems they had in practice. This was where the new Enable scheme was useful to the practice as it provided the ability to upgrade the equipment they had. They were able to get 2 new high quality ultrasound machines and a market leading X-ray solution that can support their continued growth and offering to the equine market without having to outlay large sums of money upfront.

Overall, Farr & Pursey believe that the support and financing options available to them from IMV imaging have enabled them to get the practice up and running but also be competitive in the equine marketplace with the latest technology that in turn supports them in offering high quality clinical care to their customers.

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