Exciting times with Epica in the East!

A new veterinary referral practice has just opened its doors in Cambridgeshire and to make sure they got off to the right start, they teamed up with BCF Technology to install one of their most important pieces of equipment: their Epica Vimago CT scanner.

East of England Veterinary Specialists, situated in the village of Wimpole, is an orthopaedic referral practice set up by two leading surgeons, Martin Owen and Mark Bush. As two of the most experienced and qualified orthopaedic surgeons in the UK, Martin and Mark wanted to offer the very best range of services to their customers and thus they needed the best diagnostic imaging equipment from day one.

East of England Veterinary Specialists

When it came to their CT scanner, they chose BCF.

For orthopaedic surgeons, 3D imaging allows them to gain a wealth of information about complex anatomical structures such as elbow joints and provides the best possible view to help diagnose. The Epica Vimago provides the highest possible resolution for CT but with the added benefit of being compact and easy to install.

Our 3D Imaging Sales Manager supported Mark and Martin throughout the process from initial consultation to install and BCF Applications Specialist Kat Evans got on board to provide high quality training for the team onsite.



Practice Partner Mark Bush commented on their experience with BCF:

“CT is an essential tool in modern veterinary orthopaedics. We chose the Vimago primarily for its outstanding image quality. The small size also enabled us to fit it into our x-ray room and made installation a lot simpler. The service we’ve had from BCF has been great, the installation was very straightforward and the applications training from Kat was invaluable.”  

 Epica scanner


BCF 3D Sales Manager, Nigel Perry commented:

“Mark and Martin have set up a wonderful referral clinic and as recognised specialists we’re proud to be supplying them with a high resolution Vimago CT.”

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