The MOT for your X-ray Generator!

Have you ever wondered what IMV imaging field service engineers do when performing a critical test on your X-ray generator?


The procedure is like having an MOT performed on your car. Our experienced engineers complete a range of checks and inspections to ensure there are no imminent issues and your generator is performing to the clinical and safety standards required.

The first step involves your field service engineer carrying out visual inspections of the X-ray generator casing to ensure the outer protective casing appears intact and all cabling is fit for purpose.

They also carry out extensive X-ray beam checks, including:

  • Reproducibility - Ensuring repeat X-ray exposures taken with the same parameters are consistent.
  • Accuracy – Testing of the generators kV range; repeat exposures with an increasing kV are undertaken and the resulting radiographic exposure assessed. This allows assessment of the kV output accuracy.
  • Linearity – In the same way accuracy testing is performed, repeat exposures are performed at 50kV with an increase in mAs from low range through to high range. The resulting radiographic exposures allow assessment of mAs output.
  • Collimation – The X-ray beam and the light field collimation are checked for alignment.

These checks should all be performed on an annual basis by a qualified engineer.

To ensure you maximise the lifespan of your generator, it is important to perform tube conditioning regularly. Whenever possible, all X-ray generators should be ‘warmed up’ daily before first use. A small number of repeat exposures should be performed at low exposure settings with no personnel or animals in the room and the generator collimators closed.

If you have any questions about your X-ray generator or any IMV imaging equipment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the IMV imaging service team.

-written by Karl Howard, IMV Service Engineer 

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