BCF assist in South African Rhino Study


We at BCF Technology are passionate about supporting veterinary research projects which help contribute to improved animal care.
Earlier this year, we were approached by Dr Kerri-Lee Shannon Dobbie, of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, at the University of Pretoria in South Africa about assisting with a project involving the world’s second largest land mammal.

The study, which took place in July in the Kruger National Park looked at cataracts and posterior segment pathology in white rhino. Currently, there is no published data on cataracts and posterior segment pathology in rhinoceros, thus the study focused on prevalence to determine how common these vision-threatening pathologies are in rhino.

Ultrasound scan of rhino

BCF were delighted to get involved and provided a Sonosite M-Turbo ultrasound machine and probe free of charge to the vets for the duration of the study.

As a result of this, the vets were able to undertake ocular ultrasonography which can assist in the diagnosis of congenital and developmental abnormalities of the vitreous as well as retinal detachments and any image lens changes.

Ultrasound of rhino

To date, there are also no recorded measurements of the various sections of a rhinoceros eye.
As part of the study and with the supply of the M-Turbo from BCF, the vets were able to take these measurements on a large number of normal rhino which and determine a reference range to be used in future clinical examinations.

Dr Kerr-Lee Shannon Dobbie commented:

"This is an important and ambitious study, aiming to examine the eyes of 200 white rhinoceros - the first study of its kind and magnitude in the world. The researchers are immensely grateful to BCF for their genuine interest and unwavering support of this study and for the very generous contribution of a loan ultrasound unit, facilitating ocular ultrasonography in these rhinos. The M-Turbo is remarkably field-ready (tough, light and compact) without compromising on image quality. The capabilities of this unit have greatly impressed both the researchers and their co-workers (including specialist veterinary ophthalmologists and veterinarians working in wildlife and general practice)."

Tim Perks of BCF commented:

“BCF is excited to have the opportunity to partner once again with UP Onderstepoort students and assist them in methods for collecting valuable research data. We want to support vets in our community for the care of all animals, from a mouse to and elephant, BCF has the right equipment to provide the best diagnostic imaging possible. BCF is your partner in animal imaging, whether in the bush or in the city.”

 Scanning rhino

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